Attorney Grievance Complaint Form

Part A Complainant Information

Gender *

Part B Respondent Information

Note Grievance complaints may not be brought in the name of a law firm. You must specifically name the attorney about whom you are complaining. A separate grievance form must be completed for each such attorney.

Part C Please answer the following questions

1. In regards to this complaint, you are the *

Please understand that if the Respondent attorney is (or was) your personal attorney, the Maine Rules of Professional Conduct provide that by filing this complaint, you will hereby expressly waive your attorney-client privilege concerning that attorney, who will then be authorized and allowed to reveal to the Board of Overseers of the Bar any information deemed relevant from that representation.

2. Have you filed a complaint or legal action about this matter elsewhere? *

3. Does your complaint also involve a fee dispute with your attorney? *
If yes, you should complete a Petition for Arbitration of Fee Dispute.

5. If your grievance involves a lawsuit, please answer the following, if known

Please provide copies of relevant court documents.

6. Do you believe that the respondent attorney has an impairment such as depression, substance abuse or age related issues? *

7. Are you currently represented by the attorney you are complaining about? *

8. Have you obtained a new attorney for the underlying legal matter? *

9. Prior to filing this complaint, have you discussed your concerns with the attorney? *

Part D Information about your grievance complaint

Please mail additional documents to the Board of Overseers of the Bar at 97 Winthrop St., PO Box 527, Augusta, ME 04332-0527. Please be sure that any submissions are labeled with your name and address.

Please do not send original documents; the Board cannot be responsible for their safe keeping and return to you.

I affirm and certify that all my statements and claims in this complaint are true and correct. I understand and acknowledge that a copy of this complaint, and any attachments, will be provided to the attorney against whom this complaint is filed.