Decisions, Awards and Hearing Schedule

Attorneys who commit unethical conduct in this state are subject to discipline by the Grievance Commission of the Board of Overseers of the Bar or the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. Such discipline can range from a reprimand, the least serious discipline, to a suspension from practice, or permanent disbarment from practice.

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court also issues non-disciplinary Decisions and Orders. The Board posts such decisions in order to provide notice to the public. However, please understand that not all orders pertain to discipline.

Hearing Schedules

Disciplinary hearings before the Grievance Commission are open to the public. All hearings are scheduled by the Clerk of the Grievance Commission. View the schedule of upcoming public hearings.

Please note that details of a scheduled hearing may change without notice. To confirm a scheduled hearing, please email one day prior to the hearing date.