Custody of Attorney Wills

The Board has possession of client wills that were prepared by the following attorneys.

Richard G. Cervizzi, Esq. - Bar #1607 (York County)
Ronald G. Caron, Sr., Esq. - Bar #1371 (York County)
Albert Cookson, Esq. -Bar #1967 (York County)
Peter T. Dawson, Esq. - Bar #294 (Kennebec County)
Caroline J. Gardiner, Esq. - Bar #6864 (Cumberland County)
Harry L. Gray, Esq. - Bar #993 (Cumberland County)
John D. Griffin, Esq. - Bar #1528 (Androscoggin County)
Robert F. Hannigan, Esq. - Bar #1627 (Cumberland County)
George B. Hefferan, Jr., Esq. - Bar #702 (Cumberland County)
Elizabeth Kelly Ebitz, Esq. - Bar #2036 (Penobscot County)
Robert A. Laskoff, Esq. - Bar #319 (Androscoggin County)
Ernest L. Manderson, Esq. - Bar #882 (Cumberland County)
Richard Salewski, Esq. - Bar #7185 (Lincoln County)
Marilyn E. Stavros, Esq. - Bar #2273 (York County)
Richard P. Sullivan, Esq. - Bar #571 (York County)
Dale F. Thistle, Esq. - Bar #7483 (Penobscot County)
Warren M. Turner, Esq. - Bar #1623 (Cumberland County)
Judith W. Thornton, Esq. - Bar #3807 (Penobscot County)
Frank B. Walker, Esq. - Bar #58 (Hancock County)
Robert M. York, Esq. - Bar #1320 (York County)

To confirm whether the board has custody of a particular will, please download and complete the Will Request Form. Once completed, email the form, with with subject line "Will Custodian", to:

The Board will release an original will to the testator* or named personal representative**, if the testator has died, upon verification of identity. Removal of the deposited will by someone other than the testator or named personal representative requires a court order.

*A testator is a person who makes a valid will. A will is a document through which a person disposes his/her property. A person who dies without having made a will is said to have died intestate.

**A personal representative is a person who manages the legal affairs of another following a death. A personal representative can be selected, either through a will or by the court, to manage the assets of an estate and dispense with them according to the will or to the rules of intestate succession.