Administrative Suspension

Maine Bar Rule 4(g) - Administrative Suspension.

(1)    An administrative suspension shall not be considered a per se violation of the Maine Rules of Professional Conduct and shall not constitute the imposition of discipline. The Board may, however, institute separate proceedings to determine whether discipline is appropriate.

(2)    Failure to file Registration Documents. Unless excused on grounds of financial hardship or for other good cause pursuant to procedures established by the Board, any lawyer who fails to submit completed registration documents under the provisions of Rule 4(b) or pay the annual registration fee by August 31st shall be suspended provided notice is given under the provisions in Rule 4(h). The suspended attorney shall comply with the provisions of Rule 4(k).

Maine Bar Rule 4(i) - Reinstatement from Administrative Suspension.

Any lawyer suspended under Rule 4(g)(2) shall be reinstated by administrative order if, within five years of the effective date of the suspension for nonpayment, the lawyer remits to the Board a reinstatement fee, submits all required registration documents, and makes payment of all arrears.

If an attorney is administratively suspended pursuant to Rule 4(g)(3), (4) or (5), that attorney must also submit a certificate issued by the appropriate state agency stating that the attorney is currently in good standing and has satisfied any obligations and paid any sums due.

A lawyer who has been administratively suspended must complete the continuing legal education requirements of Rule 5(a)(1) for each year the attorney has been suspended, but need not complete more than 22 credit hours for that entire period of suspension, provided that: (1) no more than one half of the credits are earned through in-house courses, self-study, or a combination thereof; and (2) at least two credit hours are primarily concerned with the issues of ethics or professionalism education. Additionally, a lawyer who has been suspended within the previous five (5) years for non-compliance with the continuing legal education requirements of Rule 5(a)(1) shall be assessed an additional reinstatement fee, as may be set by the Board.

Any lawyer who fails to seek reinstatement within five years of the effective date of the administrative suspension shall be required to petition for reinstatement under Rule 29.

Sample Affidavits

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