Annual Registration

Every attorney admitted to practice in this State, except attorneys who have notified the Board that they are members of the armed forces of the United States who are on active duty outside of the state of Maine, shall upon admission and each year thereafter, file with the Board a registration statement. The registration statement shall set forth the attorney's current residence and office addresses, Social Security or federal identification number, and such other identifying information as the State Tax Assessor may by rule require; the date of the attorney's admission to the Bar of the Court; the facts concerning the attorney's admission to practice in any other jurisdiction including each federal court and administrative body where admitted; and such other information as the Court or the Board may direct. The statement shall disclose whether the attorney is in good standing in each jurisdiction to which admitted and, if the attorney is not in good standing in any jurisdiction, it shall contain an explanation of the circumstances. Only attorneys registered as active may practice law in Maine.

Attorneys shall file a supplemental statement of any change in the information previously submitted within 30 days of such change. Within 30 days of the receipt of a registration statement or supplement thereto filed by an attorney.
Registration statements shall be filed and payment of requisite fees imposed by Maine Bar Rule 4 shall be made on or before August 31 by every attorney admitted to practice in this state except that if the following July is fewer than four months from the date of admission, the next filing shall be the second July following the date of admission. With the registration statement every attorney admitted to practice in this state shall submit a signed report documenting compliance with the continuing legal education requirements of Rule 5(a) by providing the Annual Report statement required by Rule 5(b)(1). Registration statements, Annual MCLE Report statements, and payments postmarked after August 31 will be considered late causing a $50.00 surcharge to be assessed upon and payable by the attorney.