Pro Hac Vice Admission

Title 4, § 802 of the Maine Revised Statutes and Rule 89(b) of the Maine Rules of Civil Procedure (PDF) provide the rules regarding admission for attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions who are seeking pro hac vice admission.

Any member in good standing of the bar of any other state or of the District of Columbia may at the discretion of the court, on motion by a member of the bar of this state who is actively associated with the out-of-state attorney in a particular action, be permitted to practice in that action. The court may at any time for good cause revoke such permission without hearing. An attorney so permitted to practice in a particular action shall at all times be associated in such action with a member of the bar of this state, upon whom all process, notices and other papers shall be served and who shall sign all papers filed with the court and whose attendance at any proceeding may be required by the court. Visiting attorneys shall not be permitted to file limited appearances.

The Maine Bar member is required to submit the pro hac vice motion. The fee is $600 for pro hac vice appearnce fee is $600. It is within the court’s discretion to grant or deny the pro hac vice motion.