Registration FAQs

1. What are Maine’s registration requirements for attorneys? Show answer

2. Does each attorney in my firm have to list the firm's IOLTA account numbers on their individual Annual IOLTA Trust Account Report? Show answer

3. What are the registration requirements for newly-admitted attorneys? Show answer

4. What is my Maine Bar Number? Show answer

5. When do I register? Show answer

6. I'm admitted in Maine but practice out-of-state, do I still have to register in Maine? Show answer

7. What about retirement? Show answer

8. How do I assume inactive status? Show answer

9. What is the reinstatement procedure for an inactive attorney to become actively registered? Show answer

10. How do I update my contact information? Show answer

12. What do I need to do if my name changes? Show answer

13. For what purposes is attorney registration money used? Show answer

14. Who do I contact if I have additional questions about registration? Show answer