Guardian Ad Litem FAQs

1. What is a guardian ad litem? Show answer

2. What is the role of a guardian ad litem? Show answer

3. Who can be a guardian ad litem? Show answer

4. Is there a listing of approved guardians ad litem? Show answer

5. Do guardians ad litem receive special training? Show answer

6. Do applicants to be guardians undergo a background check? Show answer

7. How are guardians ad litem assigned to cases? Show answer

8. Are guardians appointed in all cases involving children? Show answer

9. What does the court consider when deciding to appoint a guardian ad litem? Show answer

10. What does "best interests of the child mean?" Show answer

11. How does the guardian ad litem know what should be done to determine "the best interests of the child?" Show answer

12. What terms or provisions are in an Order of Appointment of a Guardian ad Litem? Show answer

13. How are the fees of the guardian ad litem paid? Show answer

14. What are the standards of conduct which the guardian ad litem must follow? Show answer

15. Can a guardian ad litem be removed from a case, and if so, how is the guardian ad litem removed? Show answer

16. Are guardians ad litem subject to oversight and discipline? Show answer

17. Who sits on the Review Board? Show answer

18. What conduct is grounds for discipline of a guardian ad litem? Show answer

19. Who can file a complaint about a guardian ad litem? Show answer

20. When can complaints be filed? Show answer

21. Where and how are complaints filed? Show answer

22. What happens once a complaint is made? Show answer

23. How does the investigation proceed? Show answer

24. How do formal charges get resolved? Show answer

25. Can the decision be appealed? Show answer