3.8 [ABROGATED] Advertising Fields of Practice

Text of Rule effective until August 1, 2009.

A lawyer may communicate, publicly and otherwise, truthful statements identifying fields of law in which the lawyer practices, refrains from practice, concentrates, or specializes, or to which the lawyer's practice is limited. In doing so a lawyer may use phrases and titles recognized by established custom, such as "Trademark Attorney" or "Admiralty Lawyer". A lawyer shall not represent publicly or imply that the lawyer has recognized, designated or certified expertise in a field of law, except that:

(a) Practice Before Agencies and Courts. A lawyer may identify the government agencies and courts before which the lawyer is admitted to practice, using appropriate language such as "member, U.S. Supreme Court bar", or customary phrases such as "Patent Attorney." (back to top)

(b) Other Permissible Communications. A lawyer may communicate truthful statements reporting certification or other recognition of expertise conferred by a named organization that has been approved by the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar as a certifying organization for the field of law to which the statement pertains.