RULE 15. Service and Notice

Service of a petition, or of any other papers or notices required by these Rules, shall be sufficient if made by first class mail addressed to the attorney?s office and/or residence address as provided by the attorney in the registration materials as required by Rule 4. Service is complete upon mailing, except as otherwise provided by these Rules. The Board may, in its discretion, use additional methods of service and notice (e.g. e-mail or telephone communication) upon learning that previous attempts at providing service or notice in the manner required by this rule have failed.

Rule 15 ? Reporter?s Notes

Recognizing the obligation of attorneys to keep the Board apprised of their current contact information, Rule 15 limits the service of documents within these rules to the attorney?s office or residence address. Service by certified or registered mail or pursuant to Rule 4 of the Maine Rules of Civil Procedure is not required.