RULE 28. Reinstatement Following a Disciplinary Suspension of Six Months or Less

A lawyer who has been suspended for six months or less pursuant to disciplinary proceedings may be reinstated at the end of the period of suspension by filing with the Court and serving upon the Board an affidavit stating that he or she has fully complied with the requirements of the suspension order and has paid any required fees and costs.

Reporter?s Notes ? June 2015

Rule 28 is based on Model Rule 24. The revised rule is substantially identical to former Maine Bar Rule 7.3(j)(2). The current rule provides if an attorney has been suspended for less than six months no petition need be filed so long as the attorney complies with registration requirements. The revised rule continues the automatic reinstatement but adds the requirement of an affidavit confirming that any requirements of the suspension have been met as well as the payment of fees and costs. The committee adopted the Model Rule language in its entirety.